Chamomile Circle

Comissioned by At The Library with Sefton Borough Council. Chamomile Circle was the result of a 12 month residency based in Bootle Library Sefton exploring provision for parents and carers of young children. Chamomile Circle is a suite of sessions built around a set of native trees selected because of their historic set of connections to things connected to parenthood. A series of sculptural mobile planters developed as part of the comisssion allow these trees to be brought into the weekly sessions creating an indoor forest setting for the sessions.

“Over the next year Frances Disley will be working with At the Library exploring solidarity and mutual support structures shared between parents and carers of young families through growing together, and exploring herbs and plants.

Chamomile is one of the oldest medicinal herbs known to humans — this gentle but mighty plant has properties to soothe everything from hay fever to insomnia and anxiety.  Together, we’ve been exploring healing plants that are restoring for the whole family to use including passionflower, calendula, and chamomile.

Over time, together with parents, carers, little ones and librarians, Frances Disley hopes to explore how we might look towards mycelial structures in nature to help imagine new frameworks for supporting each other with the unseen labour of child care.”