Epic Luxe


Epic Luxe single channel video

Epic Luxe collaboration with Fallen Angels Dance Theatre 2019/20
comissioned by Turnpike Gallery as part of their Activations programme
video work by Carl Davies and photography by Livia Lizar

Artist Frances Disley has been working with the Leigh branch of Fallen Angels Dance Theatre to enhance the experience of the participants in their weekly sessions at The Turnpike.
Through the medium of dance, Fallen Angels Dance Theatre support people in recovery from addiction and have developed a process of using The Turnpike’s visual art programme to inspire and inform their sessions.

Using colour, pattern, props and play, the artist has been co-choreographing new work with the group around their experience of addiction recovery.

After completing phase 1 of the collaboration prior to lockdown, the project was re-activated online with dancers engaging from their own homes. We are now nearing completion back in The Turnpike’s studio, with all artists adopting new safety measures. The work has taken an interesting shift along its timeline, becoming responsive to social distancing measures, physical connection and the sharing of props and physical and psychological support structures.

​The full version of the resulting performance, Epic Luxe is available to view HERE