“Tripleflex am”, single channel video 2019.

Performers Bettina Carpi, Rosalind Holgate Smith and Maria Malone. Musical score M T Hall. Performed at Bluecoat. Camera George Ellis. Funded by ACE in partnership with Bluecoat and MDI LEAP Festival.

Documentation from live performance at Bluecoat as part of LEAP Festival from MDI. Image credit Jazamin Sinclair.

Performed at Bluecoat as part of LEAP Dance Festival 2019

Merging visual art and dance, Frances Disley presents a new immersive installation and dance work choreographed by herself and performed by contemporary dance artists Bettina Carpi, Rosalind Holgate Smith and Maria Malone, accompanied by a newly commissioned soundtrack from MT Hall. Tripleflex explores the potential of working with performance to expand the gesture of painting across garments, sculptures and flooring, acting as a guide or score for the performers. Presented in two ways, audiences can attend one or both performances. The daytime performance is especially made with softer lighting and an alternative score to create relaxed family friendly atmosphere.

Supported by Arts Council England, Bluecoat and LEAP festival