New things appear where the goddess walks

Disley’s work is rooted in an ongoing interest in the subject of self-care. This solo presentation of work at Abingdon Studios is conceived as a herbal spell for a 14-year-old girl; by which sculpture, painting, drawing, and video combine as devices intended to be useful, necessary, or pertinent to the needs of a young person in the past, present, and future.

“Together we form a big herbal spell.”
Physical and ephemeral interactions occur in the space through circles in paint and glass to temporarily or permanently provide moments of reflection and safety influenced by witchcraft and wicca. Lemon balm wrapped in purple and yellow ribbons offering symbols of friendship explore the show’s sensory and collaborative journey alongside camomile growing in the space as mother nature’s natural remedy for protection, happiness, and calm.

Digital works show us alternative meeting grounds for where imaginary or real rituals can take place within our chosen or anointed tribes. Interwoven with scenes of hands making as a restful and subtle instruction to help build an intended atmosphere of restfulness.

The exhibition is installed during Beltane. During the month-long exhibition, there will be a special bonfire kindled as an off-site addition. Inviting people to congregate, take away or let go of something old and new, as we create smoke and ash deemed to have protective powers.